In a major victory for the forces of sanity against the LGBT political correctness steamroller, the school board of Elko County, Nevada, unanimously decided against letting a female student who identifies as male use men’s facilities at their high school.

According to the Elko Daily Free Press, the vote came after the girl’s mother requested that her daughter be allowed to use restroom and shower facilities designated for men.

“You are responsible as educators and school board members to make the decision that is best for all students,” Michelle Gonzalez, the 13-year-old girl’s mother, told the school board. “My son has the right to live his life as a boy.”

The board, however, disagreed.

“We make policies that are best for all students according to our mission statement,” school board Trustee Cindy Elquist said before last week’s vote. “Agreeing with the request would go against that.”

“The school board made reasonable accommodations for the student,” said board President Thad Ballard. “The law doesn’t go that far to designate the student can use the restroom of the gender they identify with.”

The decision flew in the face of what both the federal and state governments have decreed, with the Department of Education threatening to strip schools of funding if they don’t allow students to use the bathroom of their choice. According to the Department of Education, single-sex bathrooms aren’t allowed under the non-discrimination clause of Title IX.

In addition, the state of Nevada managed to pass a similar measure outlawing single-sex bathrooms by attaching it to an anti-bullying bill many state politicians openly admit they didn’t understand before voting on it.

“Had I known the provisions for (the bill), I would never have voted for it,” Assemblyman Jim Wheeler said. “The reason is because the use of the separate restrooms is not a physical issue. It has to do with the law.”

Source: LGBT Crowd Makes Disturbing Move Against Nevada Schools… School Board Delivers Brutal Surprise