Of course this kid is right.

We always hear horror stories of Common Core curriculum, but what harm does it do really? Are children actually in any danger being taught another government attempt at standard education?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and with a teacher’s written correction defending an illogical common core math problem, it speaks volumes more.

Kid Owns Common Core With Simple Retort To Teacher's Ridiculous Math Problem

“Tell how to make 10 when adding 8+5.” The problem seems confusing and unanswerable. In basic math, adding 8+5 makes 13, but not according to Common Core. The teacher explains that one must add only a portion of the 5 to 8, but that wouldn’t be adding 8 and 5 at all. It’s simply irrational. What happened to asking children, “what is 8+5?”

Our children are being taught that simplicity and common sense is not enough, even when you come to the correct conclusion.

Source: Kid Owns Common Core With Simple Retort To Teacher’s Ridiculous Math Problem