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Angelina Jolie’s dad, Jon Voight has told Donald Trump “everything is on the table” and has offered to help in the general election against Hillary Clinton.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, the 77-year-old actor said he wants to help Trump on the campaign trail and at the Republican National convention in July.

“I’ll be as helpful as I can be,” Voight said. “I intend to be, and we’ll see come convention time if [the Trump campaign] wants me at the convention. If they do, I’ll make plans to go, and we’ll go from there.”

“I would like to support him in any way that I can,” he added. “I’m in touch with the campaign, and I fully support Donald. I think he’s the man for the job. I have discussed with them the possibility of being at the convention, and what I might be available to do for them in California.”

Voight wasn’t exactly specific about how he was going to be helping the campaign when asked during the interview, but did answer that he was willing to do whatever they needed.

“Everything is on the table,” he continued.  “It’s gonna be very interesting from the time of the convention til the time of the election, and I will certainly want to make myself available to [Trump] as we get closer to the election.”


Voight also went on to say that he thinks Trump is “the right man for the job”.

Source: Jon Voight In Talks With Trump Camp To Help Take Down Hillary Clinton Via @dailycaller