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LAS VEGAS — Civil rights activist and reverend Jesse Jackson said a Hillary Clinton presidency could pave the way for a Muslim president, after Tuesday’s Democratic primary debate.

When asked about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s statement that her potential election in 2016 would “finally” enable fathers to tell their daughters “you, too, can grow up to be president,” Jackson told it would be a “big deal,” adding:

“I mean, you can see an African-American become President and it happened — beyond peoples’ belief. A woman can become President, it could very well happen. At some point a Latino can become [President], a Muslim can become [President]. This is America, it belongs to all of us.”

Jackson’s suggestion that a Muslim could become President contrasts with statements from Republican presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon, Ben Carson.

Last month, Carson made waves when he insisted he “would have problems with somebody who embraced all the doctrines associated with Islam” serving as President of the United States. Carson later attempted to clarify his remarks:

“I’ve worked with Muslims. I’ve trained Muslims. I’ve operated on Muslims. There are a lot of Muslims who are very patriotic. Good Americans and they gladly admit, at least privately, that they don’t accept sharia or the doctrines and they understand that Islam is a system of living and it includes the way that you relate to the government.”


Jackson’s statements following the debate…

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