Photo by Gage Skidmore

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Likely GOP presidential contender Jeb Bush says he will try to convince grassroots groups of parents who oppose the Common Core standards to flip-flop and embrace the education initiative.

When Megyn Kelly of Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File observed how unpopular the Common Core initiative is with grassroots conservatives in particular, Bush responded: “Common Core means a lot of things to different people, so they could be right, based on what’s in front of them…but the simple fact is we need higher standards; they need to be state-driven. The federal government should play no role in this – either in the creation of standards, content, or curriculum…”

Bush said he will aim to convince those Republicans who are opposed to Common Core that “high standards are better than low standards.” He added that he will demonstrate what he did as governor of Florida to improve learning and school choice.

“If we don’t have high standards, and assess to them faithfully, we get what we have today – which is about a third of our kids being college and/or career ready,” Bush added. “And, by the way, we spend more per student than any country in the world other than two or three countries.”

Most Common Core opponents would likely want to follow-up with Bush: “Show us the evidence that the Common Core standards are, in fact, ‘higher standards.’”

Source: Jeb Bush Will Make You Flip: Says He Will Convince GOP Grassroots To Embrace Common Core – Breitbart