Sen. Rand Paul Describes Spy Bill “The Most UnPatriotic of Acts”


Former Governor Jeb Bush (R., Fla.) dismissed Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster against the mass collection of phone records authorized by the Patriot Act today, saying that the National SecurityRand_Paul_Filibuster Agency program is constitutional.

“I think he’s wrong in saying that this is unconstitutional or saying that people’s freedoms have been violated by the Patriot Act,” Bush said in New Hampshire.

“I think we need to reauthorize the Patriot Act, and put aside who’s speaking where. The simple fact is that it’s been an effective tool to keep us free and to keep us from being attacked by Islamic terrorists.”

Paul described the legislation allowing the programs as “the most unpatriotic of acts” during a 10-hour speech against the reauthorization of the bill yesterday. “The bulk collection of all Americans’ phone records all of the time is a direct violation of the Fourth Amendment,” he said on the Senate floor.

Source: Jeb Bush: Rand Paul Is ‘Wrong’ About Patriot Act, by Joel Gehrke, National Review