JEB BUSH Defends Trump From LIAR Hillary’s ISIS Attack??? Click to Tweet


Even though Jeb Bush and Donald Trump are still in the middle of their renewed war with each other, the former governor of Florida came to the plutocrat’s defense regarding a claim Hillary Clinton made during the Democratic debate.

Trump demanded an apology from Clinton today for her unproven assertion that his rhetoric on Muslims has been used by ISIS in their anti-American recruitment propaganda.

Bush has spoken out against Trump’s anti-Muslim controversies on multiple occasions, but during a radio interview with Bill Bennett, he thought Clinton had some nerve to make her claim without any evidence.

“Hillary Clinton suggesting that Donald Trump is being used in an ISIS recruiting video, man, talk about chutzpah.” Bush said. The former governor also referenced Clinton’s controversial history of blaming the Benghazi attacks on the anger from an anti-Muslim video

Source: ‘Talk About Chutzpah’: Jeb Defends Trump From Hillary’s ‘Benghazi Excuse’ | Mediaite