This is terrifying.

A Christmas cruise is supposed to be a relaxing thing, a time to spend and reflect with family and friends aboard a state-of-the-art vessel headed to paradise.

And, ideally, it is — but that’s not how it turned out for a Florida couple who boarded a cruise from Miami on the spur of the moment and ended up stuck in one of the most horrifying situations one can imagine: confronted by an elevator with blood pouring from the ceiling.

According to WPTV-TV, Matt and Susan Davis from Fort Myers decided to board the cruise on the Carnival Ecstasy at the last second.

It started on Christmas, and for the first two days, it was everything they had hoped it would be.

On the last day, though, their trip turned into one of the most macabre experiences anyone could imagine.

The couple was heading to the 10th floor for dinner when they saw blood pouring from the top of the elevator. To make things worse, the doors were struggling to open and close.

“To look and see the elevator with just blood coming down like a sheet, and not stopping … it was a real life scene of ‘The Shining,’” Matt Davis said. “One of the crew people from Carnival was trying to get people to go back to the restaurant.”

The couple described the scene, saying it smelled of blood and sounded like a rainstorm.

Davis said a waiter later told him that a man who had been working on the elevator had been hurt.

“A crew member or somebody was inside or behind that wall when the elevator came down, and I don’t know what happened, but something terrifying happened,” Davis said.

Carnival would later report that 66-year-old Jose Sandoval Opazo, an electrician, died aboard the ship.

Carnival has offered to pay for a three counseling sessions for the couple. Such magnanimity. However, I’m sure the cruise line’s meager compensation to the Davises will create more than a bit of “publicity” for it.


Source: “It Was Like The Shining”: Family SHOCKED by What They Saw Dripping From Cruise Ship Elevator