After Israel Defense Forces (IDF) deployed fighter jets to a Damascus-Beiruit highway Wednesday targeting a Syrian military convoy – while launching another one of its sorties for an aerial assault on a weapons warehouse outside of Damascus – an imminent Israeli attack is being anticipated to hit the heart of the Syrian capital – soon.

The IDF’s two moves – reported by the London-based Rai al-Youm – to prevent the Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah, which serves as Iran’s jihadist operation working out of Lebanon, are part of a continued effort to keep militant Islamic buildups from structuring around Israel’s border.

No backing down

Offensive strikes to keep surrounding jihadist activities from threatening the Jewish State are expected to be a normal exercise moving forward, with the Powder Keg of the Middle East continuing to threaten Israel’s very existence.

“Israel has consistently stated it will not allow advanced weapons systems to be delivered to Hezbollah, including but not limited to long-range missiles and air defense systems,” CBN News reports.