Is Martha Stewart's Camp Cupcake 'Ready for Hillary'? Click to Tweet

It got it’s nickname ‘Camp Cupcake’ after convicted perjurer and television celebrity Martha Stewart spent 5 months here: West Virginia’s Alderson Federal Prison Camp.  But could ‘Camp Cupcake’ soon host another infamous liar: Hillary Rodham Clinton?

Hillary Martha Cup Cake

Not if North Carolinians have anything to say about it.  Some think ‘Crooked Hillary’ belongs inside the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women in Raleigh.

At we can all agree on one thing: ‘Lock Her Up!’

A sign that suddenly appeared outside the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women in Raleigh has been causing passersby to do a double-take.

Is the “Ready for Hillary” sign gracing the grounds of the state’s largest prison for women just an unintentionally humorous choice of location by an unthinking Clinton supporter? Or has someone hit upon an imaginative new way to make the point that Hillary Clinton belongs in The Big House rather than The White House?

The “Ready for Hillary” sign is positioned in front of the prison wall between a large sign that identifies the prison and the “Prisoner Intake” sign that directs patty wagons to the processing center for new prisoners…

Source: ‘Ready for Hillary’ Coming to a Prison Near You? | RedState