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New tracking poll information from Reuters confirms Donald Trump as the frontrunner, but also breathes new life into the Jeb Bush campaign. As on Tuesday, Jeb Bush had moved into third place nationally, with 10.6 percent support.

Happy Loser… Jeb: I Hated Being the Front-Runner – ‘I Feel Much Better Back Here’

Bush edges Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) by almost 4 points as Rubio has dropped into 5th place nationally. Since the first regular day of the New Year, January 4th, Bush has climbed more than 3 points while Rubio has lost 1 point.

Donald Trump continues to lead the GOP field with 39 percent support, down slightly for the week, but still far ahead of the other Republican candidates.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) remains in second with 14.5 percent support, up three points since the first of the year. Ben Carson is 4th with 9.6 percent support, continuing his drop from the end of 2015.

Bush has clearly benefited from his super PAC’s spending millions on TV advertising as voting nears. Organizations supporting his campaign have spent far more than any other campaign on TV advertising.

The second highest spending campaign, however, has been Marco Rubio. His campaign, in fact, is currently spending more in Iowa than all the other campaigns combined. Bush has concentrated more of his resources in New Hampshire….

Source: Jeb Bush Passes Marco Rubio, Moves Into Third Nationally – Breitbart