We’re about to solidify a deal with Iran regarding their nuclear development, which makes this news about Iran’s Revolutionary Guard that much more frightening.

The Middle East Media Research Institute reported that the clip was broadcast by Iran’s Tasnim News Agency.

“IRGC [Revolutionary Guard] drones have carried out such missions many times; although the drone remains for a long time above the [American crew’s] heads, they didn’t notice it,” Tasnim reported.

“In some cases, [the American crew] did notice the IRGC drone awhile after the filming and tried to drive it off by sending a helicopter or fighter jet after it,” the Iranian news agency added.

The report stated that an Iranian naval plane, the Harbin Y-12, also took part in the reconnaissance mission to “identify an American aircraft carrier.”

Iranian state television last year aired a documentary simulating attacks on U.S. aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf titled “The Nightmare of Vultures.”

As we enter a new agreement with Iran, (thanks, Obama) we’ll no doubt see an increase in this type of surveillance from a most dangerous country.

Source: Oh my! Iran Tracks U.S. Aircraft Carrier