Colorado college

Officials at Colorado College recently suspended student Thaddeus Pryor for six months after he dared to publicly admit on social media that he finds black women unattractive.

According to The College Fix, the incident occurred on the social media app Yik Yak during a discussion about the Black Lives Matter movement that turned heated.

When another student wrote that “#BlackWomenMatter,” Pryor replied, “They matter, they’re just not hot.”

Thanks to one of the school’s social justice warriors, this comment managed to find its way to the school’s deans, who within one day of finding out about it decided to suspend Pryor for 21 months and prohibit him from even stepping foot on campus.

However, Pryor did not take this sitting down. He filed a lengthy appeal, arguing that the deans violated the school’s rules by assuming him to be guilty, among other things.

“During my hearing, rather than presenting me with my possible violations then investigating my actions and how they may have constituted those violations, I was simply treated as broadly guilty,” Pryor wrote.

He also pointed out how the discussion on “Black Lives Matter” turned negative after other students began making racist comments about white people, calling them “dirty hippies” and other such things.

Yet these students were never called out and punished for their misdeeds. Instead the entire onus of blame fell on Thaddeus Pryor, who in all actuality said nothing crass or racist — and who merely admitted that he personally finds black women to be unattractive.

After the appeal, the suspension was reduced from 21 months to six.

Thanks to political correction run amok, it appears that having a personal preference is now racist and improper. But making blatantly racist remarks about white people … why, that’s perfectly acceptable, apparently.

Maybe the remarks he made weren’t kind, but don’t we still have a first amendment right to say what we think and state a personal preference? He’s absolutely correct that he was singled out for his disparaging words while others go unpunished.

Source: INSANE: Student Suspended for 6 Months After Typing Just 2 Words About Black Women