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Only in Obama’s world could he demand that schools celebrate a new holiday.

President Barack Obama continuously shows his disdain for America and everything it stands for, and the latest example of that came from the Department of Education.

Obama’s DOE has recommended that schools dedicate a week to recognizing illegal aliens, including an “undocumented immigrant awareness day,” according to the American Thinker.

The White House released a document Tuesday that outlined how schools could make undocumented students feel more welcome. These suggestions include “Undocumented Week” and “an undocumented immigrant awareness day.”

The resource guide was more than 50 pages long and chock full of tips and ideas to help undocumented youth achieve educational and economic success — regardless of actual or perceived immigration status.

The document estimated that each year 80,000 undocumented youth turn 18 and only about 65,000 graduate from high school every year — and Obama is apparently determined to do something about that.

The guide provided schools and teachers ideas about how to support undocumented youth. It even included information on how to apply for federal financial aid.

The guide also offered suggestions on how teachers could make undocumented youth feel more welcome, which included publicly demonstrating support for them and educating all students about not only the issues illegals face, but their accomplishments as well.

Source: INSANE: Obama Demands Schools Celebrate New Holiday… Parents Everywhere Are Furious