bill mitchell

They won’t be happy about this one!

All across America, people are finally waking up to the reality that not everyone on welfare deserves to be on welfare, and quite a few people abuse the system for their own personal gain.

According to WCIA, Republican State Rep. Bill Mitchell has proposed several bills that he claimed would help cut down on waste and fraud in the welfare system.

Mitchell proposed that all welfare recipients be required to undergo drug testing. He also proposed work requirements for those applying for food stamps.

He has even proposed that Illinois require micro-chipped Link cards, which recipients use to receive their benefits, to cut down on fraud in the system.

“Now we have one in three Illinoisans on a program, and we’re not fully funding education. Our priorities are out of whack, folks; that’s what I’m saying,” Mitchell said. “We need to go back to Springfield and we go back next week. Let’s change the way we’re doing things.”

Mitchell’s website further explained why it was time to reform the welfare system in his state.

“Our welfare system figures in a 10 percent fraud rate. Think about that — welfare fraud eats up 10 percent of the total amount spent on welfare. That’s hundreds of millions of dollars, possibly as high as a billion dollars, on a statewide level,” it read.

“Welfare should not be a way of life, nor should it be generational,” he stated. “Big government has institutionalized poverty by massively expanding the welfare state, which is cruel to the people it entraps and further disincentivizes work.”

Source: Illinois Makes BRUTAL Announcement About State Aid… Welfare Leeches Are Terrified