Illegal Alien Teens Find Home in Texas - With 'Awesome' Indoor Pool Click to Tweet

ELLIS COUNTY (CBS11) – Undocumented minors are finding temporary shelter in Ellis County.

About 50 teens arrived Friday afternoon, the first of hundreds expected to stay at the Lakeview Camp and Conference Center over the next three weeks.

Organizers say the teens were checked in, assigned rooms and given dinner.

“They have an indoor pool up in there. It’s awesome! It’s a really great place. It’s actually perfect for them. It’s just not perfect for us,” said Scott Bailey, who lives about three miles from the property.

Like some neighbors in the area, he’s nervous.


“We’ve got all this terrorist stuff going on. You don’t know. I mean, we don’t know,” he said.

Penny Story organized a meeting with seven fellow concerned residents to suggest they take turns monitoring the camp from across the street.

She wants to see how many people show up and who they are.

“You won’t be blocking traffic. You’ll be doing nothing but watching,” she said. “If they’re children, then they’re children.”

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says the children were all brought up to date on immunizations before arriving.

It’ll offer them education and recreation, including English classes, soccer, and arts & crafts…

More kids are expected to arrive in waves…

Source: Undocumented Teens Spend First Night In Ellis County « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth