If Only Obama Had The Same Kind Of “Brass Balls” To Fight Terror As Golda Meir Click to Tweet

As Barack Obama continues to demonstrate his ineptness at fighting the war against radical Islamic terrorists, it is clear that we would all be much safer if he could learn from a strong-willed, straight-talking, chain-smoking, grey-haired, former teacher who fought terrorists over four decades ago, despite the objections of an appeasement-minded world. That grey-haired lady was Golda Meir.

My trips to Israel have given me the impression that that Golda Meir is a bigger hero in the United States than in Israel. In America we see her as a great leader and an example of tolerance toward women.  Some in Israel believe her to be a weak leader whose indecisiveness during the Yom Kippur War brought Israel within a whisker of being driven into the sea. My friend Avi who was a tank commander in the Sinai, puts the blame for Israel’s near defeat during the first few days of the Yom Kippur war squarely on the shoulders of Ms. Meir. On the other hand, my friend Chaim, who served on the Syrian front that Yom Kippur, disagrees, he says that today’s leadership lacks a pair of “brass balls” like Golda.

One day I would like to have my two friends in a room and watch them duke it out about the Yom Kippur War, but the two would agree that Golda took a strong stance against terrorism. She was a strong advocate of not appeasing terrorists. If her advice was heeded, today’s war against terrorism might not exist.

It was Meir who when the world refusing to track down and arrest the terrorists who committed the Munich massacre authorized Operation “Wrath of God.” The operation was covert program directed by the Mossad to assassinate individuals involved in planning, financing, and carrying-out the 1972 Munich massacre.  The targets were members of the Palestinian armed terrorist groups Black September and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

In September 1973, the year after the Munich Massacre, Meir was invited to speak to the Council of Europe.  As Yehuda Avner her speech writer describes it, all eyes of the four hundred member council were upon the aging, chain smoking woman, whose face was deeply scarred from tragedy and worry as she stepped forward to address the crowd:

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