Here’s The “Willie Horton” Ad Romney Almost Ran Against Mike Huckabee

BuzzFeed News

“This is my daughter… she was murdered by a serial rapist released early from prison in Arkansas. Will we see a version of this unaired ad — obtained by BuzzFeed News — in 2016?

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In the fall of 2007, as Mike Huckabee was surging in the Iowa polls, Mitt Romney’s foundering presidential campaign dispatched a camera crew to Arkansas with the charge to produce one of the most brutal ads of the election cycle.

The final product — a withering spot that tied Huckabee to a 2003 murder committed by a serial rapist who was paroled while he was governor of Arkansas — never saw the light of day. But the unaired ad, obtained this week by BuzzFeed News, highlights a potentially potent line of attack on Huckabee as he considers a 2016 bid for the presidency.

Source: Here’s The “Willie Horton” Ad Romney Almost Ran Against Mike Huckabee – BuzzFeed News