The mainstream media’s transparent quest to tarnish President-Elect Trump’s image by insisting his adviser and former Breitbart executive Stephen Bannon is a bigot has reached absurd new levels.

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin asserted on Tuesday that Bannon and Breitbart support the Nazi salute and white supremacy. “What about Steve Bannon … and Breitbart, the most prominent platform for what we just showed,” Baldwin said, referring to clips of attendees at a conference organized by National Policy Institute (NPI) President Richard B. Spencer raising their arms in what most recognize at the Nazi salute.

While the NPI is a white nationalist think tank, and Spencer himself identifies as such, he and his organization have absolutely nothing to do with Bannon.

Neither Bannon nor Breitbart has given a platform to Spencer or his organization, nor do they endorse white nationalism or white supremacy. The idea that Breitbart, an organization which employs several prominent Jewish conservatives, in any way condones neo-Nazism in any form is utterly ridiculous.

As preposterous as Baldwin’s statements were, they followed author and former New York Times journalist Charles Kaiser’s claim that Bannon used the N-word. Apparently wishing to be offensive as possible, Kaiser made no effort to censor the offensive word and said it live, on the air.

“If you don’t want to support the Alt-Right, don’t choose as a White House counselor a man who uses the word n****r,” author Charles Kaiser said, referring to Bannon. “Wow,” a visibly shocked Baldwin responded.

“We’re done,” she said shortly afterward, ending the segment. “The more I’ve sat here and listened to the fact that someone used the N-word on this show. It is not OK. It is not OK, Charles Kaiser.”