refugees in cemetery

Respect for other’s rights, property, religion and values is anathema to radical Muslims, apparently. A perfect demonstration of this recently occurred in Croatia, where hordes of Muslim refugees invaded one of the most holy of places, a Christian cemetery, and turned it into their personal pigsty.

A video recording of this abomination from Law and Order American Justice showed the refugees casually hanging out and sleeping alongside the graves of deceased Christians whose living relatives must no doubt have been in a state of shock at what they had just witnessed.

Judging by the video evidence, it would appear that the refugees pretty much desecrated the entire cemetery. Trash and debris could be seen everywhere. God forbid that the refugees show any respect for the dead.

Now just picture these same disrespectful hordes meandering through your neighborhood, sleeping on your lawn or perhaps even setting up shop in your local cemetery, as the Obama administration plans to bring 10,000 refugees to our country.

Source: Hordes of Muslim Refugees Needed A Place To Camp… Where They Settled Down Will Boil Your Blood