A North Carolina man has become locked in a battle of wills with his Homeowners Association over its demand that he remove the Confederate-style flag flying on his front porch.

Frank Bray said he doesn’t think that his flag, which is a combination of the North Carolina state flag and the Confederate battle flag, represents racism.

“I’m proud of where I’m from,” he said. “There’s no malice or ill will behind it.”

However, based on a letter he recently received from Omega Association Management, which oversees his neighborhood’s HOA, some of his neighbors disagree with his outlook.

“Please be aware that this type of flag is not permitted in the community,” the letter read, in part. “We have received several complaints regarding the offensive nature of your flag, as well as concerns it may hinder the sale of homes in the community.”

Bray said he began flying the flag in response to the uproar and controversy surrounding the flag after the terribly tragic church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina.

“It’s turning into a debate on the flag when this is really a homeowner versus a homeowner association,” Bray said. “I think the flag is getting a bad rap. The homeowners’ association is not treating me fairly.”

But an attorney for the HOA said that residents must seek approval before flying any flags on their property.

“It prevents flags from being flown without permission of the association,” Brian Edlin said. “The association has made the decision that the Confederate flag is not allowed.”

Bray claimed he had tried to contact the HOA to discuss the issue, to no avail, and said he did not know which, if any, rules he had broken.

Edlin said that Bray could ultimately face fines of $100 per day if he refuses to take down the “offensive” flag.


Source: Homeowners Association Just Sent A Threatening Letter To This Man For Having This On His Front Porch