Hillary: ‘I Have Worked Well With John McCain and Lindsey Graham’

Concord Monitor

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returned to New Hampshire this week, several days after what her campaign is dubbing its official “launch.” During a stop at Carter Hill Orchard in Concord, where she spoke about her goals as president and rallied several hundred supporters, Clinton sat down for interview with the Monitor — one of the first she’s done during this campaign. A recap of that conversation, which lasted just under 10 minutes, appears below….

Can you identify any Republican politicians who you think you would work well with or have worked well with?

“I have worked well. Now, we’ll go through the political season, and they’ll be cringing when I say I worked well with them. But my co-sponsor on health care for the national guard and reserves was Lindsey Graham. And he may not want to be reminded of it, but we worked really hard to get that done. I have worked until the political winds changed with John McCain on climate change. And I think that maybe we can get back to trying to find common ground there. So those are just two examples.”


Source: Hillary Clinton on the issues: Six questions on the campaign trail | Concord Monitor