Hillary Hopes For DISGUSTING Change To Female Bathrooms... This Is Terrifying News For Your Family Click to Tweet

Democrat presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton made her feelings regarding an obnoxious and potentially dangerous Houston ordinance abundantly clear this Thursday via Twitter.

“No one should face discrimination for who they are or who they love — I support efforts for equality in Houston & beyond,” Clinton tweeted.

While the tweet seems fair at face value, what it essentially means is that Clinton supports the right of men to use female bathrooms.

Specifically, Clinton supports the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, which according to the Houston Chronicle would empower men who pretend to be women — either by dressing like them or simply claiming to be transgender — with the right to use women’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms, Breitbart reported.

Any guy who allegedly feels like a woman would basically be able to freely use female facilities, his biological sex notwithstanding.


But as Houston baseball legend Lance Berkman explained in the television ad below, instead of eliminating so-called discrimination, this bill would simply make it much easier for “troubled men” — think rapists, child molesters and other such miscreants — to get away with their foul crimes.

And yet Hillary Clinton, who has apparently duped millions of liberals into believing she actually cares about women, supports this bill…

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