LOS ANGELES – Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton received a rousing reception from pro-immigration groups this afternoon at a rally sponsored by the National Council of La Raza and Univision. Clinton spelled out the details of her plan to make the United States a safe haven for illegal immigrants if she is elected president. The former secretary of state’s speech was greeted with enthusiastic applause from an estimated audience of 900 that included FOX News’ Geraldo Rivera and rapper Pitbull.

“Our country is one of immigrants. All of us, either on our own or through our ancestors, were at one time strangers in America,” Mrs. Clinton said at the closing of her speech.

“Like our brown brothers and sisters crossing the border today, our ancestors were looking for a safe haven to raise their family, work hard and garner as many government subsidies they could get their hands on. And make no mistake, everyone who arrives in America today genuinely yearns to be a part of the great American dream. Not just to clean hotel rooms, mow lawns or pick fruit, but to have the American experience that is promised to all of us by the constitution. That’s why I promise you today, if I’m elected president of this great country I will land an illegal immigrant on the moon before the end of my first term.”

The crowd erupted into wild applause and began chanting:




Clinton continued…

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