Hillary Clinton Thinks Trump Just Imploded... Click to Tweet


Donald Trump’s public mocking of Hillary Clinton has renewed criticisms of crass, sexist comments by the Republican presidential front-runner.

Clinton’s campaign on Tuesday decided against a frontal attack, with communications director Jennifer Palmieri offering inviting others on Twitter to repudiate Trump’s comments.

But behind the scenes, Team Clinton saw the remarks at a Monday rally as a new low, and some allies predicted they would lead to his demise.“We are watching the Donald melt down,” predicted Ellen Tauscher, the former congresswoman who served as undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security Affairs under Clinton.

“His racist, sexist, xenophobic rants are now wearing on people generally,” she said.

“Even the folks caught up in the celebrity culture that thought these performances were funny initially, which is stunning, now realize these comments seem predictable and pathetic,” Tauscher added. “What the Donald seems to miss, as he claims he loves women, is that this is a historic election for women and they are done with the juvenile, prurient, potty talk behavior.”

Other political observers contacted by The Hill weren’t so sure.

Trump has a history of attacks on both men and women — notably GOP presidential rival Carly Fiorina and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

So far, that hasn’t hurt him with supporters…

Source: Clinton World stunned by Trump remarks | TheHill