Photo Cre4dit: Harald Dettenborn

In a just-released video clip, Hillary Clinton privately met backstage with Black Lives Matter activists and agreed with their claims that America is very much a racist nation.

Activist: America’s first drug is free Black labor,

Activist: And the mass incarceration system mirrors an awful like the prison plantation system.

Clinton: Mmhmm

Activist: It’s a similar thread.

Hillary quietly listened for more than three minutes but nodded and agreed while the leader of the group lectured her on the nation’s “founding problem” and “original sin” of “anti-blackness.”

Mrs. Clinton defended herself from the racist allegations, claiming she’s always been a proponent of “poor, black and Hispanic” kids.

She then pandered to the activist group, advising them to devise a clear agenda and outline exactly what they want from politicians.

Clinton: You’re going to have to come together as a movement and say here’s what we want done about it. Because you can get lip service from as many white people you can pack into Yankee stadium,

Activist: Mmhmm

Clinton: And a million more like it who are going to say, ‘We get it, we get it. We are going to be nicer.’

Activist: Mmhmm, mmhmm

Clinton: Okay

Clinton: That’s not enough,

Activist: Right.

Source: Hillary Clinton Says The Unthinkable In Private Meeting With #BlackLivesMatter Activists