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A freshman quarterback in West Salem, Oregon has been suspended from school for what has been labeled as “inappropriate touching” of another student. Garrett Moore, who is the freshman team’s third-string QB, said the incident happened during a team practice when he was taking snaps under center. Moore, who says he was instructed by the center on how to receive the snap, described the incident to the Statesman Journal:

“He wanted me to go way up there (with my hands) and it felt very uncomfortable. I was, like, moving my hands and I touched him and he started laughing. I guess I tickled him. I wouldn’t mean to. That’s kind of weird.”

Moore was called to an assistant principal’s office a couple of days after the incident and was asked to give his version of what happened. Then the principal talked to the alleged victim who then gave a different version of events. A security guard then escorted Moore back to the principal’s office and was asked if he tickled the other boy in practice:


“I’m like, ‘I guess.’ He was laughing when I touched him. I didn’t mean to say tickle. I said tickle because he laughed. He calls my mom, makes it sound like I’m a complete pervert and she comes to get me.”

Moore was then suspended for three days and sent home with the written referral: ‘Student inappropriately touched another student during football practice.’

Source: High school quarterback suspended for inappropriately touching center « CBS Local Sports