Herman Cain Just 'Body-Slammed' Jeb Bush: 'At least I was once winning' Click to Tweet


Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain lashed out at Jeb Bush in a blistering op-ed published Monday, saying he did better in his losing 2012 run than Bush has been able to do in 2016.

“At least I was once winning,” Cain wrote on his website. “Jeb Bush has been doing nothing but losing throughout this entire campaign. His problem is him.”

 Last week, Bush reportedly pointed to Cain, a pizza magnate who led the GOP presidential field in October and November of 2011, as evidence that outsiders such as Donald Trump and Ben Carson will falter before the first votes are cast in Iowa.

Cain, who will appear at a rally with Trump on Monday in Georgia, kicked back in the op-ed, saying the former Florida governor has underperformed expectations and failed even to match Cain’s 2012 efforts.

“He is the former governor of Florida and he has one of the most famous political last names in America,” Cain wrote. “He has more political money behind him than any candidate in this race with the possible exception of Hillary Clinton. And how is he doing in the polls? The current Real Clear Politics average shows him in fifth place at 5.5 percent.”

“If you want to say I had a ‘fall,’ go ahead, I guess,” Cain continued. “You can’t fall when you’ve never gotten any higher than the floor in the first place, and that’s the state of the Jeb Bush campaign.”

Source: Herman Cain to Jeb Bush: ‘At least I was once winning’ | TheHill