A little over half – 51 percent – of Americans are “more confident” in President-elect Donald Trump’s ability to serve as president based on his actions in the past few days post-election, according to a national Gallup poll released Wednesday.

Forty percent of those surveyed described themselves as “less confident” in the president-elect in the November 9th to 13th poll, while nine percent had no opinion on it or were indifferent.

Gallup noted that the percentage who are “more confident” in Trump days after his election is similar to the percentage more confident in Bill Clinton (53%) and in George W. Bush (54%) after they won their respective elections in 1992 and 2000.

“The fact that similar percentages of Americans say they have more confidence in Trump in the days after his election as did so for Bush and Clinton is notable, given that Trump is much less popular as president-elect than they were,” Gallup added, noting that, “Trump’s favorable rating measured 42% in the Nov. 9-13 survey, compared with Bush’s 59% and Clinton’s 58% after they were elected.”

Source: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/lauretta-brown/gallup-half-americans-more-confident-trump-election