What do Rachel Dolezal, the former president of the Seattle NAACP, and the organizer of #BlackLivesMatter have in common? Apparently both are black, but only because they “identify” as being black — in kind of the same way that Bruce Jenner now “identifies” as a lady in a bathing suit.

Shaun King, an author and writer, is widely credited as being the driving force behind launching what has grown into the national #BlackLivesMatter movement. For years King has claimed that he is “black” or of “African descent” because, like President Obama, he is of mixed race having been born to a white mother and black father.

King has been one of the leading voices speaking out against police brutality on social media, helping local groups form in various cities around the nation to protest Da Man. However the UK Daily Mail has broken information that would seem to contradict King’s claims.

A copy of King’s birth certificate was procured which lists his parents as Naomi Fleming and Jeffrey King, both of whom can be seen in the photograph below and both of whom would be very, very difficult to mistake as being black. Jeffery Wayne King, born November 11, 1955, is listed as Shaun King’s father on his actual birth certificate. Photos have also been found and posted of King’s brothers Jason and Russ, neither of whom are likely to be mistaken for Lebron James or Michael…oops…make that Randy Jackson either.

Source: Guy behind “Black Lives Matter” movement just got BUSTED – Allen B. West – AllenBWest.com