American forces fighting the Islamic State group in the Middle East may be getting something extra special under the Christmas tree this year courtesy of a Texas-based firearms company.

TrackingPoint recently announced that it will give 10 free M600 or M800 rifles to any United States organization that can legally take them to the Middle East to battle radical Islamist terrorism.

“It’s hard to sit back and watch what is happening over there,” TrackingPoint CEO John McHale said in a press release about the donation. “We want to do our part.”

Ten guns may not seem like a lot, but McHale explained that “the dramatic leap in lethality is a great force multiplier.”

“Those 10 guns will feel like 200 to the enemy.”

Looking at the specs of the guns, it’s easy to see how lethal they really are and how beneficial they would be on the frontline.

The M600 Service Rifle replaced the M4A1. It features an advanced target acquisition system and boasts an 87 percent First Shot Success Probability up to 600 yards — 40 times the kill rate of existing M4A1s.

The M800 Designated Marksmen Rifle replaced the M110 and M14, and TrackingPoint described it as “the nuclear bomb of small arms.” It also features an advanced target acquisition system designed to acquire, lock and eliminate a target with one pull of the trigger.

The M800 has an 89 percent First Shot Success Probability out to 800 yards — 33 times the kill rate of existing M110s and M14s — and can hit targets moving as fast as 20 mph.

Source: Gun Company Makes MASSIVE Offer To Special Operators Fighting ISIS… This Is Incredible