Hillary should be afraid … VERY afraid!

While 2016 GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump continues to dominate favorability polls, the candidate Hillary Clinton ought to concern herself with most is probably Republican challenger Ben Carson.

According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, if the general election were to be held today, Carson would crush Clinton with a monumental nine-point lead in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Challengers Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio would also beat Clinton in both states, though by smaller margins.

Trump, on the other hand, would lose in Ohio by one percentage point and in Pennsylvania by two percentage points.

Yet the favorability polls paint a different picture. In both states, as well as Florida, Trump came out on top, while Carson came in second place. Trump also beat Carson on the national stage, garnering a 27 percent favorability rating over Carson’s meager 17 percent rating.

But according to the Quinnipiac poll, Carson’s biggest challenge is instead Vice President Joe Biden, who has yet to even enter the race. The poll revealed that Carson would win against him by only four- and five-point margins in Ohio and Pennsylvania, respectively. Meanwhile, Carson would lose to Biden in Florida, the poll predicted.


Source: BREAKING: Trump May Lead Poll… But It’s Another Candidate That Is Giving Hillary Nightmares