GRAPHIC VIDEO: Israeli Witnesses Islamic HORROR, Instantly Guns Muslim Down in Street Click to Tweet

Video footage of a horrific attack in Jerusalem was posted to Twitter today by Jerusalem Post reporter Ben Hartman that showed a Muslim man using his vehicle to ram into a crowd of numerous innocent people standing at what appeared to be a bus stop.

As several people scrambled from the scene of the “accident” and one man struggles to get up off the ground, the driver exited the vehicle and began hacking at a man on the ground with a large machete before turning his attention to the other man struggling to get away.

As the terrorist circled his victim, repeatedly hacking at him with the weapon, an Israeli civilian appeared at the bottom of the screen, rushing up the street toward the violent assault taking place.

It turns out that the Israeli had a firearm, which he proceeded to use to gun down the angry Muslim hacking away at the innocent man lying on the ground.

It took several shots to bring down the angry Muslim man, who attempted to charge the armed civilian while he was being fired upon.

Finally, he crumbled to the ground and rolls over, the fight obviously taken out of him.

WARNING: While the following video isn’t bloody, it is quite graphically violent:

Thankfully this citizen was armed and prepared to take action to stop a terror attack in progress, quite possibly saving other lives that may have been endangered by this terrorist with a machete.

This is why Americans cherish and defend our Second Amendment-protected natural right to keep and bear arms –for situations like this…

Source: GRAPHIC VIDEO: Israeli Civilian Witnesses Islamic HORROR, Instantly Guns Muslim Down in Street