WASHINGTON, Pa. — A Pennsylvania barbershop has been fined $750 for refusing to cut a woman’s hair.

Barbiere advertises itself as a high-end gentlemen’s barbershop and offers complimentary beers and spirits.

The Washington barbershop was recently fined by the state’s Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs for gender discrimination.

Owner John Interval tells the (Washington) Observer-Reporter the fine “infringes” on his shop’s environment, but he will not contest it.

“My hands are tied. They are forcing me to do this and telling me how to do my business,” Interval said.

“Guys come here as a kind of a little getaway, to be around other guys.”

The female customer had booked hair appointments online for herself and her boyfriend. She asked for a short haircut known as a fade but was turned away, according to the (Washington) Observer-Reporter.



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