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John Sununu, the former New Hampshire senator and John Kasich supporter, urged Republican voters to “choose the strongest nominee they can — someone who will win.” But he thinks Republicans may “look at alternatives” if “we have a nominee who is a disaster for the party.”


On Breitbart News Daily, Stephen K. Bannon asked Sununu what he thought about the potential for a third party candidate should Trump become the nominee. Sununu cautioned that if Hillary Clinton is not defeated, she would continue Obama’s agenda, and would be able to appoint a Supreme Court nominee.

“That is one of the reasons why people need to look at John Kasich because he will win. He’ll win Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire,” Sununu added, claiming that top contenders

Sen. [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) and real estate developer Donald Trump have “no chance” to win those states against Hillary Clinton.

“Whoever the nominee is, I think and I hope that Republicans support them, but what you’re talking about is a hypothetical where what happens if we have a Donald Trump who is running 10, 15 points behind HIllary Clinton,” Sununu said. “There’s been a lot of polling showing Trump is the weakest Republican we could put up.

“What Republicans will do, if we have a nominee who is a disaster for the party, a nominee who is trailing badly, are they going to look at alternatives? I can’t tell you,” he added.

Source: John Sununu: Republicans May ‘Look at Alternatives’ if a ‘Disaster’ Candidate Like Trump Becomes Nominee