The contempt that the Republican Party elites feel for Donald Trump has been the worst-kept secret since Clay Aiken’s sexuality. Now, one of the top GOP establishment political action committees is taking a huge swing at Trump with a million dollar ad blitz…

The attack ads came from the Club for Growth. A group founded in 1999, the Club for Growth has supported conservative causes like a balanced budget amendment and cutting taxes, but has typically supported establishment candidates.

In the new ads, rolled out last week in Iowa, the organization uses a decade-old quote from The Donald during his more liberal days in order to paint him as a tax-and-spend liberal who is for nationalized health care.

Trump said in a 2004 interview that, “In many cases, I identify more as a Democrat.”

The ad spot used single decade-old quote to paint him as being more liberal than Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton…

Trump struck back quickly — and effectively.

He then quickly followed that up with another bombshell tweet, painting the Club for Growth’s anti-Trump jeremiad as a possible form of blackmail.

@club4growth asked me for $1 million. I said no. Now falsely advertising that I will raise taxes. I’ll lower big league for middle class,” Trump tweeted.

Source: GOP Elites Hit Trump With $1 Million Attack… Trump Totally Obliterates Them With These 2 Tweets