Photo by SFPD

Photo by SFPD

A group of Hispanic recording artists have joined forces to combat the “anti-Mexican” rhetoric they say GOP frontrunner Donald Trump sparked earlier this summer, when he announced his bid for presidency.

With the release of a new track, titled “We’re All Mexican,” Grammy-winning producer Emilio Estefan has rounded up dozens of celebrities to record the song, which he describes as a “celebration of Hispanics and our accomplishments.”

“There’s a message being sent out to the world where people are giving opinions that are plain wrong,” Estefan told Billboard. “We need to lift up our pride and show the world what we’re doing.”

Artists Shakira, Carlos Santana, Thalia, Pepe Aguilar, Gloria Estefan, Wisin, Wyclef Jean, and radio personality Enrique Santos are all a part of the collaboration.

Trump has come under fire since his June 16 presidential announcement, when he said the United States has no idea what kind of people are coming across the border.

Estefan, who said he’s known Trump for many years, has declared “We’re All Mexican” is a response to the growing sentiment that Hispanics have progressed…

Source: Shakira, Others Record ‘We’re All Mexican’ in Response to Donald Trump