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Trump was right.

Europe has struggled to cope with the large number of Muslim migrants and refugees, many of whom refuse to assimilate and are instead embracing criminal activity, flooding into its countries.

German police are reluctantly admitting that they have essentially lost control of several “problem neighborhoods” or “no-go zones” throughout the country, and that enforcing the law in these areas has become next to impossible, according to Breitbart, citing a German-language report in the Rheinische Post.

A recent inquiry by a conservative politician compelled the police in North Rhine-Westphalia to report that roughly 78 percent of all regions within the district have had to be reinforced in order to deal with migrant criminal gangs, a problem other countries in Europe have reported as well.

These ethnic and nationally based gangs have no love or respect for the laws and cultural norms of their host countries and often refuse to cooperate with investigations, sometimes even launching attacks upon police officers attempting to maintain law and order.

Politicians are becoming increasingly outraged at the failure of governments to address the growing problem of “criminal parallel societies” in no-go zones that police forces have not been not properly equipped to deal with.

While there is no doubt that some of the migrants fleeing the Middle East have traveled to places like Germany in search of work and a better life, it is also a fact that far too many of them have come with sinister ulterior motives, such as milking the welfare state, spreading their Islamic faith, or even launching terror attacks.

We have already seen that many of these Muslims have no intention of assimilating into society, but rather wish to take it over. We must be vigilant that that does not happen here in the U.S., but with the way our government insists on kowtowing to the Muslims, it seems inevitable.

Source: TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Germany Drops Bombshell About What’s Happening Inside Migrant “No-Go Zones”