Funny? School Employees Mock Welfare Leeches with 'People of Walmart'... Click to Tweet

CROWLEY, La. — A school principal and her coach husband are under fire after a picture of their Halloween costumes circulated on social media. They’re now being accused of  classism and racism.

Principal of Iota Middle School, Lee Ann Wall, and her husband Jeptha Wall, a coach at Crowley High School, took a picture of themselves in what they describe at ‘People of Walmart’ costumes, which refers to the website showing pictures of shopper’s unusual outfits spotted at the superstore.

In the couple’s photo, Jeptha is wearing a T-shirt that says ‘Baby’s Daddy’ with a red bandana around his waist and money popping out of his pockets. Lee Ann is wearing spandex tights, a white tank top and what appears to be replica food stamps. In front of them is a basket full of black and white baby dolls and a sign that reads, “You wait on pay day, I be waiting for da first of da month!”

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