I wonder what Trump will have to say about this.

Even though the first Republican presidential debate happened almost two months ago, Megyn Kelly has continued to deal with the fallout from her tough and arguably unfair questioning of Donald Trump.

In an interview with Fortune, Kelly was asked about what she learned from her interactions with Trump, and her reply was quite surprising.

“Well … It’s clear that we may have overestimated his anger management skills,” she said.


“The reason I asked that was not a comment on Megyn Kelly. It was a comment on his electability and what he’s likely to hear from Hillary Clinton should he become the nominee. And you’re hearing that from Hillary Clinton already,” she explained.

She does have a point. Hillary has been accusing every Republican of being a sexist pig since before she announced she was running for president. For her part, Megyn Kelly insisted that she was only doing her job as a journalist.

“That’s what I get paid to do, is anticipate the candidate’s weaknesses and then poke ’em,” said Kelly. “But it’s not like I was making an example out of Donald Trump.”

Many conservatives believe that Kelly unfairly targeted Trump. They believe that the questions for the other candidates, while tough, were not as pointed as the ones lobbed at Trump.

But Kelly claimed that everyone on the stage was asked questions of a similar difficulty level.

“They were tough questions. No one was given a pass. Some of them were hard to ask,” she said.

Watch her comments below:


Source: Fox’s Megyn Kelly Makes Huge Admission About Trump… No Way He Expected to Hear This