This could be terrible for Fox News.

The Fox News Channel was shocked Tuesday evening when billionaire businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared to make good on his threat to not participate in the media giant’s Republican debate Thursday night.

But it looks like the Republican front-runner isn’t the only one who won’t be showing up for the Iowa debate.

According to a Twitter post Tuesday morning by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, which referenced an article by The Gateway Pundit, some 83 percent of Fox viewers will also avoid the debate if Trump does not participate.

Those poll results actually came from Fox itself, more or less, as the poll question was originally posed by Fox host Greta Van Susteren.

Regarding the then-open threat that Trump would not take part in the Fox GOP debate if the media giant insisted on host Megyn Kelly serving as a moderator, Greta directed her viewers to a poll on Gretawire asking them if they would still watch the debate if Trump were not a participant.

As of the latest check of the poll, the number of Fox viewers claiming they will no longer watch the debate without Trump has increased to 86 percent.

While hardly a scientific poll, this is nevertheless not good news for the Fox News Channel. Losing viewers could obviously hurt the network’s bottom line as it needs viewers to bring in ad revenue.

Meanwhile, Trump has announced plans to hold his own event on Thursday night that will compete with the GOP debate, further drawing away viewers and potential voters from the other candidates remaining on the debate stage.

Source: BREAKING: Fox Gets Devastating News After Dumping Trump