And yet she’s worth many, many millions of dollars.

Hillary Clinton has paid herself over $250,000 from campaign money since April 2015.

The first transaction was for $74,042 on April 13, the same month she started her campaign, and the seven total payments since to Hillary have totaled $254,447, The Washington Free Beacon reports.

A Federal Elections Commission rule change in 2002 allowed for candidates to pay themselves using campaign funds, however, this was allowed explicitly for candidates without means who quit their jobs to seek office.

“The salary must not exceed the lesser of the minimum annual salary for the federal office sought or what the candidate received as earned income in the previous year,” according to the FEC.

Some of the payments to Clinton from her campaign overlapped with money given to the private company created to oversee the use of her private email server while she was secretary of state — Clinton Executive Services Corp. In December 2015, a payroll payment of $42,032 to Hillary was transmitted to the group.

Source: Hillary Pays Herself $250K From Campaign | The Daily Caller