Liberals are in full freak-out mode … Good.

Carly Fiorina, a rising star in a large field of Republican presidential candidates, recently spoke as only a non-politician could concerning a controversial interrogation technique that brings tears to a liberal’s eye when it’s mentioned.

Waterboarding, a drowning simulation that has been used on dangerous terrorists to gather important intelligence about terrorist activity, is a topic rarely touched by Fiorina’s opponents. In an interview with Yahoo News on Monday, Fiorina shocked many when she revealed her thoughts on the technique.

“I believe that all of the evidence is very clear — that waterboarding was used in a very small handful of cases (and) was supervised by medical personnel in every one of those cases,” Fiorina said. “And I also believe that waterboarding was used when there was no other way to get information that was necessary.”

And she’s exactly right.

Though a 2014 Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report labeled the practice as a “brutal and mismanaged” CIA program, others have said the intelligence gathered from its use has saved lives.


Fiorina also backed the intelligence community, saying the report “undermined the morale of a whole lot of people who dedicated their lives to keeping the country safe.”

Source: Carly Fiorina Just Made A Bombshell Statement About Using “Torture”… Liberals Are Fuming