FINALLY: The Mexican Cartels' Worst Nightmare Just Arrived at the Texas Border Click to Tweet

After a Customs and Border Protection chopper was forced down by gunfire from the Mexican side of the border earlier this month, the CBP is finally getting the machinery they need to do the job right — namely, heavily-armed Blackhawk helicopters.

The June 5 incident, which happened just north of the border in Laredo, Texas, occurred in the middle of a drug bust.

“U.S. Border Patrol agents were attempting to intercept a drug load,” an unnamed Border Patrol officer told Breitbart.

Now, the Laredo CBP has the heavily-armored Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk, a twin-engined combat helicopter specifically designed for dangerous missions such as border patrol…

Mexico, however, was less than pleased with the decision.

In spite of the fact that Mexico is known to patrol its side of the border with the selfsame Blackhawk helicopter, their foreign relations secretariat issued a statement that Texas patrolling the border with Blackhawk helicopters would hurt U.S.-Mexico relations.

Source: FINALLY: The Mexican Cartels’ Worst Nightmare Just Arrived at the Texas Border