African-Americans and whites continue to be the largest targets of hate crimes which are most common in traditional blue states, newly released Federal Bureau of Investigation data reveal.

The states with the most hate crime offenses in 2015 were California–with over 1,000 hate crimes–while New York, New Jersey, Washington State, and Massachusetts followed closely behind.

In 2015, there were 6,418 offenses reported nationwide, a relatively small number when compared to the country’s estimated population of 320 million, while millions of illegal immigrants continue to be imperfectly accounted for.

Blacks saw at total of 2,125 offenses against them which were racially, anti-black motivated. Whites fell victim in the second largest hate crime demographic slot, with a total of 734 offenses. Hispanics, however, suffered 379 offenses.

Americans of Middle-Eastern descent saw far fewer hate crimes in 2015 than other races/eternities with 47 offenses reported by law enforcement.

With respect to hate crimes that are motivated against a victim’s religious belief, Jewish Americans saw more than double the hate crimes against them than Muslim Americans. In 2015, Jews saw 695 total offenses, while Muslims experienced less than half that amount with 301 reported offenses.