The anti-gun crowd expends the majority of their hatred towards firearms on the purportedly evil and scary black AR-15 type “assault rifles,” even though such guns typically aren’t used in crimes.

Now the FBI has released violent crime statistics from 2014, and the numbers only go to show how off-base the gun grabbers are in focusing their invective on “assault rifles.”

In 2014, only 248 individuals were killed with a rifle, whether that rifle was a semi-automatic “military style” AR-15 or AK-47 or merely a classic wood stock, bolt-action hunting rifle, like everyone’s grandpa had.

FBI crime stats 1

Of course, while we grieve for the families of those 248 lost souls, the number of deaths by rifle pale in comparison to deaths by beatings and stabbings, of which there were 3,827 in 2014.

Furthermore, the FBI statistics also revealed that the dreaded “gun violence” that liberals are so concerned about is actually on the decline, along with all crime in general, with a total of 8,103 firearm murders in 2014, the overwhelmingly vast majority of which occurred via a handgun.

FBI crime stats 2

The number of total firearms murders was actually down 351 from 2013, and down more than 1,000 since 2010, further debunking the claims of increased gun violence made by the gun control crowd.


Source: FBI Data Devastates Gun Grabbers… Here Are the Things More Likely to Kill You Than an “Assault Rifle”