They obviously didn’t realize who they were dealing with!

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is not the type of guy who turns the other cheek in the face of controversy. We shouldn’t be surprised by that, especially at this point in time.

But, what Trump recently did at one of his private clubs will have any American patriot grinning from ear to ear.

At Mar-a-Lago Club, Trump’s elite Palm Beach, Florida property, he had an American flag prominently raised on the grounds to show his patriotism. Apparently, the hoity-toity residents of the neighborhood weren’t thrilled when they saw Old Glory flying 50 feet above the ground — which was 20 feet higher than ordinances allowed.

So they complained, a lot. Enough so that the city began fining The Donald $1,000 per day while his flag stood, according to Snopes.

After rounds of back-and-forth fighting, Trump and the city finally came to an agreement — after the fine had grown to a staggering $120,000.

Trump’s solution? He told the city he would move the flag and pole to a different spot on the estate and lower it to the allowed 30 feet. In return, Trump insisted that the $120,000 be donated to veterans organizations.

The city agreed. How could they not? The master of the deal struck again, this time for an exceedingly good cause that any proud American could rally behind.

Trump wasn’t happy about the city’s reaction in the beginning.

“I’m a very patriotic guy. I’m very proud of the country, and I don’t want to take down the American flag. And I don’t believe you need permits to put up the American flag,” he said.

Source: FACT: Donald Trump’s LEGENDARY Move When City Told Him to Take Down American Flag