If Obama wanted to assure people that he wasn’t a crazy idiot or a tyrant, he probably shouldn’t have smugly smirked about the American founding as an example of a “conspiracy theory” of Americans paranoid about a tyrannic government.

In speaking with CNN’s Andersen Cooper, Obama, the subject came up of Obama’s gun grab and Obama insinuates that it’s just a conspiracy theory.

Obama said:

“There’s a long history of that (conspiracy theories); it’s in our DNA. The United States was born suspicious of some distant authority.”

I’m kinda speechless here. Just what exactly was he thinking? Oh, and hey moron, just because you haven’t been able to do something in 7 years doesn’t mean you wouldn’t happily do it if it wasn’t for Americans preventing you from doing it.

Source: CHILLING — Obama cites American Revolution as example of Americans being falsely paranoid about gov’t tyranny | RedFlag News