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As of last Friday, the two biggest in-kind contributors to the Donald Trump for President Campaign are establishment Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and establishment Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

While establishment Republicans seem unable to connect their actions to Trump’s rise, the Republican establishment needs to look no further than the omnibus spending bill they forced through Congress on Friday and the cynical lies they told voters in 2014 and over the course of the past year to understand how Donald Trump’s campaign came to be, and the white hot rage at the betrayals of America’s working families by Washington’s ruling elite that fuels it.

By ending the year passing an impenetrable 2,000+ page spending bill that gives Obama everything he wants, and by refusing to put up even a pro-forma fight on anything – from funding for Planned Parenthood and amnesty for illegal aliens, to the importation of jihad through the Syrian refugee resettlement program, to OKing Obama’s extra-constitutional regulatory overreach at the EPA, IRS and countless other federal agencies, and adding trillions to the deficit and debt, despite tax collections standing at record levels, Ryan and McConnell have given Donald Trump another huge boost.

Yet, establishment Republicans, increasingly desperate to derail Trump’s candidacy, seem completely unable to understand how they have made Trump’s rise possible, or what has sustained his campaign through a series of comments and personal attacks on his fellow Republican candidates that have induced outrage in America’s establishment media and country clubs – and standing ovations and record-breaking crowds at Trump rallies across the country.

To simplify it for Messers Ryan and McConnell – Trump is winning because he’s running against you, not President Obama, not Hillary Clinton, and certainly not Jeb Bush, the hapless target of his most recent round of insults; he’s running against your failure to put so much as speed bump in the road of Obama’s fundamental transformation of America.

And every time voters see Speaker Paul Ryan or Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on TV claiming “we got a lot of good stuff done” Trump picks-up another point or two in the national polls.

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