A western Egyptian man was accused by eight Islamic State group-affiliated jihadists of cooperating with police investigating the recent murder of several tourists in the area who were suspected of having been killed by the radical Islamists.

The eight jihadists ultimately beheaded the Egyptian man and crucified him on a tree in the middle of the barren western desert near the border with Libya.

The beheading is said to have occurred in nearly the exact same spot where the tourists had been killed during an anti-terror raid by Egyptian police.

Local residents had been asking the police to intervene in the area to find the jeep used by the suspected killers.

The same local sources have also claimed that the Egyptian army had recently killed several Islamic State group jihadists in the area, sending other members of the group fleeing across the border into the lawless jihadi haven of Libya, only to be chased back across the border by elements of the Libyan army (H/T WZ).


Source: Man Does His Duty Like Good Citizen… Furious Muslims “Reward” Him In Horrifying Way